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Wedding Party Roles Explained
Bride & Groom – Joint responsibilities
• decide on size of budget
• choose a date and venue
• meet with officiant to discuss details
• design your invitations
• select flowers
• pick the band / DJ
• choose photographer and videographer
• write thank-you letters for gifts received
• write vows
• agree on food/drink
• compile a guest list
• reserve a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests
• book honeymoon
• buy gifts for parents
• hire wedding car
• buy wedding rings
• buy thank you gifts for helpers
• select bridesmaids and maid of honour
• order flowers for hair
• shop for wedding dress and jewellery
• buy gifts for bridesmaids
• get present for the groom
• arrange hair and make-up trial
• choose best man and ushers / groomsmen
• buy grooms outfit
• arrange best man’s and ushers attire
• buy a gift for your bride
• secure marriage licence and pay for officiant
• prepare your speech
Best Man
• organise stag party
• co-ordinate outfits and buttonholes with the groom and ushers
• get the groom to the ceremony and organise transport for the newly married couple bridal party jewelry
• supervise ushers, witness and sign the wedding register
• look after the rings
• keep marriage register safe
• write and give speech
• escort maid of honour after the ceremony
• takes care of payments on the day
• keep the groom calm
• return grooms and ushers outfits to rental shop after the wedding
Maid of Honour
• plan hen party
• help with wedding dress and bridesmaids dress shopping
• assist with writing wedding invitations
• organise the other bridesmaids
• help the bride get ready and calm her nerves
• witness and sign the wedding register
• arrange brides veil and train throughout
• holds brides flowers when rings and vows are exchanged
• help organise stag party
• distribute Order of Service at ceremony
• give corsages to family members before they are seated
• direct guests to their seats
• escort bridesmaids after ceremony
• decorate the newlyweds car
• help with making and distributing the wedding favours
• help organise hen night
• decorate the wedding venue
• run errands for the bride
• be one of the first on the dancefloor and encourage others to dance
• walks ahead of the bride, scattering flower petals or just carrying basket
Page Boy / Ring bearer
• carries the wedding rings on a satin pillow or similar