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New Year – it’s the time when everybody looks back on their past, making his own conclusions and draws a line, from which we are ready to make a new step into a new life. After only a 3 weeks we will open champagne bottles, light the sparkles, make some wishes to the chiming clock… This is how a New Year celebrated in Russia. And do you know, how is it celebrated in other countries?
The first country which welcomes a New Year is hot Australia, because December and January are summer months for Australian people! They go outside on the streets, where all parties have already started. But exactly at midnight everything becomes silent and instead of the chiming clock, which is so familiar to us, there is a ringing bells sound! Australian don’t have any strict traditions, the main thing for them — is to have a great fun time!

In Japan a New Year celebration lasts almost a month! The main decoration for this holiday is considered to be a composition of bamboo, plum and spruce branches – all of that symbolize wealth. In New Years Eve Japanese are necessarily visiting the temples and asking the gods for happiness for the whole next year. After the 1st of January Japanese people traditionally fly kites and visiting their relatives and neighbours.

In China New Year is celebrated twice during the winter: firstly form the 31st of December till the 1st of January, and then one day between the 21st of January and 21st of February. Fireworks and firecrackers are the “must-have” of Chinese New Year, because only with them they can scare away all evil spirits. Celebration is possible only in clean house and in new clothes. Despite the big influence of European culture, it’s not a common thing to give presents to each other in China.
In France New Year is a bright and family celebration. Traditionally a special cake in the form of a log is served for dinner. One more tradition for this day is cheerful events in the streets on December 31th. French people usually wear cone caps and masquerade costumes, they jokingly call one another Sylvester-Cones and throw sweets, tinsel and serpentine. A really important place in decorating houses it taken by mistletoe as it is considered to be a symbol of luck.
In contrast to France, Italian New Year is not supposed to celebrate in within the family. Youngsters gather with each other in clubs and adults usually go to expensive restaurants. Italians often wear something red because this colour symbolizes luck and success. Many people also believe that the first person you meet in the upcoming year can predict your future and meeting a child or clergy marks disappointment. A hunchback old man presages happiness, love and wealth, opposite gender brings prosperity. There is a really popular tradition among Italian people connected with throwing out the unnecessary stuff. All the clothes, old furniture, tableware and other rubbish fly out right of the windows. Thus, people in the streets should be very careful while walking during this time of the year. champagne evening dresses
Although in the USA the New Year's importance is lower than importance of Christmas, USA residents are waiting for this celebration and its gifts with a lot of happiness. The main focus is on the packaging of gifts:boxes, wrapping paper and so on. Because plesure is opening your gift. More often presents are gived with bill cause lika this people can return their gift to the store if they didn't like it.

It is not important at all where and how you're spending your New Year. Just do it with your close people. We know, that in this New Year's night something good and magic will hapend with you and all of your wishes will come true!