cocktail dresses for wedding guests

I just read a tweet about a segment that the Today Show did about how senior portraits are going to ridiculous extremes. There were a few examples. A high school football player standing under an indoor waterfall holding the ball in one hand and his helmet in the other, as if he scored the game winner in terrible weather.... a young woman sitting in a upholstered
indoor chair outside in an industrial setting, with smoke machines...... a football player in a studio, diving to ... make the catch on a trampoline in front of a green screen. Even prom has gone to enormous and expensive extremes. Single use dresses in the $700, $800, $900 range. Fancy limos. Expensive prom -posals. I read that the average cost of prom per kid in this country is $900.

I think probably we can thank the Kardashians for this? The loss of modesty, the need for attention so much so that we spend a ton of money on senior photos and making prom seem like a night at the Oscars. Everyone craving life on the red carpet, and if we can't have it, we live it vicariously through our kids.

An interesting phenomenon, to be sure. I, by the way, am not being judgmental. Well, I am about the Kardashians, but as for the rest, I made a whole career out of playing pretend. You should do what you want with your kids. I wonder though, if allowing for, or encouraging this big pretend, if you (we) are portraying to our kids what the real world is actually about. cocktail dresses for wedding guests

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