first communion veils

Samantha Cobb and Nate Hyres are now officially married. Puerto Vallarta wedding today was, in my humble opinion, perfect. Love you Sam and welcome to our family Nate.

For posterity, my speech (as father of the bride) was as follows (Tip to other fathers of daughters - if you make a speech at your daughters wedding, don't make eye contact with her. I barely kept it together):

When Sam was about 2, she told the woman who was her daycare provider that her dad had "pink" hair. At least for me, not much has changed since then. First - I'd like to acknowledge & thank Dave & Julie for a terrific party last night.

I think we’ve met everyone here but in case I missed anyone my name is Stuart Cobb. I am Sam's father and with me is my beautiful wife and Sam's mother Margaret. Without Margaret at my side, literally none of this would have been remotely possible. You are my rock. Along with Nate's folks, Dave and Julie, we're happy you all can join us here to celebrate this special event.

Since their births, Samantha and her brother Max have been the light of our lives and the most important and significant part of our lives. We have watched Sam grow into a young woman who is not only beautiful and intelligent, but is strong and fiercely independent (watch out Nate). Sam is also one of the kindest people on the planet. I have many strong women in my family and Sam is just like her mom in that respect. first communion veils

We have come to know Nate over the past 4+ years. Nate is smart, adventurous, cool headed and above all, he has a good heart. Most importantly, we know he truly loves & cares for Sam. Welcome to the Cobb family.

Finally, our wish - is simply this. Always have an unshakeable hope and faith in each other and take care of each other, especially when you experience tough times. Strap yourselves in, hang on to each other and may you experience a lifetime of love, joy and true happiness together. Cheers