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{Must Read} Dark Mysteries Episode 9
Episode 9
“ Dan, hold on” Annabelle pleaded as she
towards him.
“STAY BACK!” he screamed as he moved
backwards. He
turned around and took off in the opposite
direction only
to meet her already in front of him, much to his
“Dan” she said sadly. “I know you have every
right to
be scared of me. I would too”
“Oh you think?” he cried out, an amused look on
face, despite his fear. “I can’t believe you hid
this from
me the whole time, brushing aside my claims of
existence in this school?”
“Oh, what did you expect?!” she cried out,
losing her temper, her eyes glowing
momentarily. “That
I should just walk up to you and say :Hi, my
name is
Annabelle and I’m a 67 year old vampire. Can
we be
friends? is that what you were expecting?” she
Daniel became quiet as he knew she had a point
but that didn’t mean she was off the hook. For
out loud, she just killed a man moments ago.
The man
was a jerk, no doubt, but he didn’t deserve to
die. Who
knows how much more innocent lives she must
“ So, the two men that were killed this month”
he began
calmly, not letting his eyes leave her. “ Your
“No” she shook her head. “ I didn’t do any of
Look, Dan. I may be a vampire, but I don’t go
killing innocent people for pleasure.”
“How am I supposed to believe that now?”
sighed in frustration. “ You are a vampire which
you definitely feed on blood.” He paused then
his eyes at her. “ All those times we went to the
restaurant, You never ate along with me. I was
the only one eating. You would tell me you were
hungry. I guess everything makes sense now” he
concluded as he put two and two together.
Annabelle remained silent.
“Which means” Daniel said silengtly. “ You are
aware of
the X-serum in my blood”
She nodded.
“And you know Luke.” He continued.
She nodded again.
“He’s part of the reason I became like this” she
whispered. An angry tone evident in her voice.
“What do you mean?” he asked.
She moved to a nearby pavement and sat down,
at the sky. Daniel still being alert followed her
and sat
beside her creating a little distance between
them. For a
while it was quiet and neither spoke a word. The
chirping of the crickets were the only sounds
the place from being similar to a graveyard.
glanced at the full moon which was shining
above them. How much more surprise could he
take in
his life? He glanced towards Annabelle and
‘If she really wanted me dead’ he thought. ‘ she
have killed me since. But ann, why? Why do you
have to
be a vampire? How did this happen?’
As if hearing his thoughts, She broke the silence
“ My
story begins a long time ago. 50 years ago to be
Daniel remained quiet, still shocked at her age.
“ I was raised in a country far away from here.
Our town
wasn’t so popular and the occupation that we
ourselves in was mostly farming, weaving and
The right age for a lady to get married was 16
that of a guy was 18. So as you could imagine,
by the
time a man was 40, he would have already had
children at average” she chuckled softly and he
smiled a
“When I came of age to get married, I refused as
I didn’t
think I was ripe for it. Many girls at our time,
had that
view but no one would tolerate that. An
stranger can just come from nowhere and meet
parents to discuss marriage rites and before
you know
it, POOF!!, you are getting married next month
you like it or not”
“ Wow” Daniel sighed sadly. “ That bad?”
“Mmm” She nodded still staring at the sky. “ I
was quite
stubborn and rebellious from a young age and it
was no
surprise that I had passed the ripe age of
married by a year and still wasn’t ready. Then he
showed up.”
“Luke?” Daniel asked.
“Not just Luke” she replied. “Luke….and his son, gold mother of the bride dresses
“ Son?” Daniel was surprised. “ Vampires can
“Yes” she nodded. “ But not with humans, only
fellow vampires which I would learn later in the
that followed. Any way, back to the story. The
way they
were dressed showed that they were strangers
in our
town. Expensive clothing, golden ornaments
and what
have you. Luke offered to have his son wed me
and my
parents being blinded by the love of material
things saw
this as a way to get out of their current state.
weren’t rich or poor. Just okay but my parents
more and so they agreed without even the
slightest of
thought. As, usual I voiced my rejection but this
my mom was ready for it. She used all sort of
against me including deciding to commit suicide
if I
refuse the marriage proposal. I hated this but as
annoying as my parents could be sometimes, I
them and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing
her and
“You agreed” Daniel finished for her.
She looked at him and nodded and he could see
eyes water. He saw that she was trying to fight
tears that threatened to spill out of her eyes.
past memories must have really hurt.
“ I did” She continued. “ I did it just to make
happy, regardless of how I felt. Chris made sure
to pay
3 times my bride price that day much to the
naïve joy of
my parents and sooner than I could blink my
eyes. I was
married to him. It was the happiest day of my
life as my mother couldn’t stop boasting to her
that I was finally married to a rich man. Then
came the
wedding night..”
She paused as she noticed Daniel blushed at her
“Oh, man up, you big baby” she flicked his
cheek. “ As if
you won’t experience it in future”
“ That’s in the future” he smiled and stuck out
tongue at her, forgetting about his current
She chuckled at his immaturity before a frown
back to her face and she stared at the sky again.
“ On our wedding night” she continued. “ I
something strange about Chris. He was gentle
but his body was so cold. Like ice cold. It was so
bizzare and I felt scratches on my back from
nails I
never knew he had and before I knew it..he…
he.. bit
Annabelle burst into tears at the last word and
sighed sadly. Here was someone who saved his
twice this month. Someone who kept him
company and
made him feel loved. Someone who he could
talk with
for a while and never got bored. This was
someone who
volunteered to teach him self defense classes to
himself from harm. And he just tried pushing
her away
moments ago. A pang of guilt hitched on his
heart and
he felt sorry for her. Who knew that behind her
girl persona was someone who had suffered
for half a century? He scooted closer and
wrapped his
arm around her, drawing her to his chest. She
momentarily before relaxing and wiping the
tears from
her eyes.
“It was so horrible, Dan” She whispered, her
hoarse from crying. “ It was then I noticed the
that was my husband. I fled the room and ran
to the
bathroom but the deed had already been done.
I saw
the mark on my neck and blood flowing out. I
began to
feel drowsy and weak. Like I was going to die. I
collapsed that night and woke up the next day
different. By that time I was alone in the room. I
hungry and I prepared something to eat only to
vomit it
out as soon as I ingested it. It was then Chris
and his
father came into the room. With smiles on their
they happily announced that I was officially part
of their
family. I cursed them in anger and ran out of
the room
not before hearing Luke shout that he always
gets his
way. I had no idea what that meant but I left
anyway. I went to stay in the house of a close
friend of
mine . funny how I resisted the urge not to feed
on her.
Ha ha. It was only a few days later that word
came to
me that came to me that my parents were killed
by wild
animals. Wild animals, my foot. It was then I
the meaning of Luke’s words. I rushed to my
home to see the bodies of my parents on the
ground. A
crowd had gathered around that day. I could
not cry
that day. It was all too much to bear. Luke and
left the town and I never saw them return. My
hatred of
them multiplied tenfold and I vowed that they
or their
kind would never see happiness or peace. I
paths with only Luke several times but he was
strong for me. His son was no where to be
found and
much to my horror, it was revealed that Luke
had sent
him to create more vampires from around the
country. I
was so devastated about this and I lost hope.
Until I
heard about the X-serum. From what I knew, it
very powerful and luke needed it for Immunity.
My first
thought was why would he need it if he was so
strong……..Unless……..he had a weakness. From
conclusion, I became aware of the weakness of
vampires. So I made his life hell. Interfering in
search for you and intercepting when he got
close to
you. You see, Dan. I’ve known you since you
were a
toddler and I knew how important that serum in
blood is. I’ve vowed that no one would get that
and I will keep that vow even if it costs my life”
Daniel sighed as she concluded her tale and
“So you are not after it too?” He asked.
“Hell no!” She cried out. “I hate what I have
and if there is anything I wouln’t want, It’s an
version of it.”
“Ann” he said as a serious look came on his face.
“ I
know there are more of them coming for me.
I’ve heard
your story and while I may be convinced doesn’t
mean I
trust you. No offense”
“None taken” she smiled.
“But if you want to earn my trust” He continued.
“ I
need you to do two things for me”
“I’m all ears” she said.
“One, tell me a vampire’s weakness” he said
leaning towards her and looking at her square
in the
eyes, he added, “ Two, teach me how to fight
and kill a
With a grin on her face, she whispered darkly.
“ Deal”
To Be Continued