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All the conspiracy theorists I encounter have two things in common: paranoia, and lack of education, and because of their paranoia they often never leave the familiar behind and never get first hand exposure to the wider world they find so threatening. They hear a rustling in the bushes and assume it's something coming to eat them. So they hide out among those that they know, the places they are familiar with and feel safer in. They don't go away to college, let alone go far ... from their homes and relatives. They fear Muslims though they've never met one. They know Jews secretly run the world, though they live hundreds of miles from any Jews. They're certain someone is building a death camp just for them because a reality TV addicted desperate housewife in South Dakota, or an alcoholic HVAC repairman in Iowa are somehow such a threat to the New World Order that they're on a list the United Nations is keeping for the big roundup.

Conspiracy theorists have an enormously inflated notion of how much attention the evil forces of the world are paying to their little lives at the same time as they feel powerless and insignificant. They have a ridiculous belief that evil government forces are so brilliant they can manipulate everyone and everything to their ends and conceal their evil acts and plans from everyone except Alex Jones, but at the same time they insist these same forces are stupid and incompetent. Their ability to hold two contradictory thoughts as true is almost magical. And though they are certain that Almighty God ordered the universe so they got a new job or found the right prom dress for their daughter, they are just as certain God can't save them from the forces of Satan they think surround them on all sides, so they have to buy more guns and ammo. Stupid, but they think they're smarter than a college professor. Ignorant, but certain everything they believe without evidence is a revelation from God. Fearful, but they go out of their way to talk tough, post pictures of themselves with guns, insult complete strangers, in other words go around just begging for someone to hunt them down and make their worst fears come true. They are developmentally disabled, and the gifters who take advantage of that disability, the Alex Jones', Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, do so for profit, have no shame, and deserve jail. high neck evening dresses

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