junior prom dresses 2019

Can't believe it's been 2 years since we lost you unexpectedly and tragically to cancer. Always remember the good life we shared in our early 20's and how we both grew up to be responsible mommas. The memories will never fade no matter how old I get. Whether it was getting dressed for the club on a Saturday night, the hours we spent on road trips, all the shifts we made it through waiting tables and cocktailing , all the times we split the tab on groceries or dinner at red lo ... bster (our favorite), split rent, split bills, the days we spent snowed in when school shut down, the walks we took pebbles on, the countless conversations we had about life and love, boyfriends came and went, strawberry martinis at cheesecake factory, meals we made and shared together, hours upon hours we spent studying and writing term papers in our little apartment, just living life and getting through it together not just as roommates of 4 years, but lifelong friends, and sisters. Friend, you made our journey through life fun and adventurous. Never took any crap from anyone and always had each other's back..so sad to lose someone like that. A beautiful person inside and out. I cherish the wonderful times we got to spent together..until we meet again for a patron shot chilled with a lime, my dear junior prom dresses 2019 Jennifer , you will be truly missed. Love and miss you my sweet sister and blue eyed angel.

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