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ADULT Daughters...
How well do you know your Mom.?
*Copy, paste, and fill-in the blanks.*
Then tag them to grade you: Traci Spafford
1. She is sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching.? ...
-FOX News ????
2. Usually, what dressing does she eat on her salad.
-Ranch ????
3. Name something she hates:
-Peas ????
4. What does she order to drink.?
-Coke ????
5. Favorite music to listen to.?
-Usually either Air1 or the 80s ????????
6. What is her nickname for you?
-Macy ????
7. What is something she collects.?
-Children ???? ??????????????????? ?????????????? ??????????????????? ??????????????
8. What would she eat every day if she could.?
-She's always eating shakes loaded with kale and pineapple and too much healthy stuff. Lol ????
9. What is her favorite color.?
-Navy blue . ????
10. What would she NEVER wear.?
-A dress, unless she has to. ????
11. What is her favorite sports team.?
-One time I came home and she was on the couch shouting at the tv watching football. I didn't light pink wedding dresses even know she liked football. ???? ????
12. What is something that you do that she wishes you wouldn't.?
-I'm impulsive and I do things without thinking. ???????????
13. You bake her a cake for her birthday. What kind of cake is it.?
-My dad's famous Astronaut cake. ????
14. Favorite animal.?
-Elephant ????
15. What could she spend all day doing.?
-Cleaning or watching Fox News. ????

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