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Self-Respect. Here is the definition as listed by the Great Google Almighty Search Engine. However, it's example for usage in a sentence can be confusing and problematic. The individual speaking in this example does not fully grasp the concept of self respect, even as defined here. Maybe the person they're talking to truly feels like watching TV all day is honorable and a dignified thing for them to be doing.

As it says below, Pride and Confidence IN ONE'S SELF. In other word ... s, it has JACK SHIT to do with what YOU feel about another individual. It then goes one to mention a feeling of honor and dignity in their OWN behavior. Again, it has FUCK ALL to do with how anyone else feels about that person's behavior.

My issue is when it comes to this "lack of self-respect" debate, its 90% of the time people, especially MEN, saying that women who either dress a certain way, or openly enjoy sex with whoever are the ONLY ones being accused of this. Why is it that mfs never say "oh if you scamming, you ain't got no self-respect." Or "no self-respecting man would rob someone." Or "how could you kill that person, have you no self respect?" Or "if rapists had more respect for themselves, they would understand, and honor concent, never forcing, coercing, or drugging anyone for sex." little white cocktail dresses

Like seriously, yall mfs sooooo worried about who can see whose titties, ass, and pussy, and who is WILLINGLY fucking who, that y'all ain't worried about actual crime. Yall not chastising actual criminals, whether blue collar, white collar, financial, violent, or sexual, when it comes to this self-respect shit. But, somebody's nipples, which most people, excuse me, most fucking MAMMALS will have is going to cause armageddon, ragnorak, the seven seals, and all of that shit to happen. Nah, are yall deadass??
Like deadass, most people been sucking titties since birth, but its this biiig fucking issue.

Nah, the fuck is on yall mind that y'all feel like these women should not be respected or valued just because you've seen her nipples?? Half the time most ppl, straight, gay, bi, ace and all in between, are trying to see some nipples. Hell, even i wanna see nipples, and have paid to do so, even if i don't want to partake in intercourse. But yall mfs condemning women over nipple visibility. Looky here, grasp the concept, and if you can't, stop coming on my page with the bullshit.

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