mother of the bride dresses with jackets

(as written by everistus)
Episode 1
“This gown is perfect!” Sonia exclaimed in delight
as she hurriedly held out the wedding gown that
caught her fancy in the extremely large room filled with gowns. Jessica sighed exhaustedly. “You
can’t obviously expect me to wear that?”
“And what is wrong with this one again?” Paulina
asked frowning, equally exhausted.
“Yes, tell us what is wrong with it. Even though I
don’t like the design at t he back, I can’t wait for you to make your choice. We have been in this dress
shop for hours” Lizzy scolded.
“And every cloth you guys have been pointing out is
either too showy or too expensive” Jessica pointed
Lizzy stood in front of Jessica, arms akimbo. “You are dulling my spirit honey. You are getting married to one mother of the bride dresses with jackets
of the richest and most famous guys in this blessed
country of ours and you are lamenting money? He
gave you his MasterCard for crying out loud” she
“So? Am I supposed to drain the account all in the name of a wedding dress?”
Sonia stepped in. “I agree with Jessica” Jessie
smiled. “We can’t overspend just because the guy
is rich”. Lizzy hissed.
“All the same, no gown here is expensive enough to
catch his notice. I mean, come on, this gown is not even up to 150, 000 Naira” Paulina said in one
“I agree with Paulina” Sonia said.
Jessica shook her head. Of all her friends, Sonia was
closest to her. Jessica believed that no matter how
many friends you have, you would always have a best friend, or at least someone who was closer to
you than the others. Sonia always played it safe. She
is not the arguing type but when it came to advice or a
good listener, Sonia was impeccable. She would
reason with you and carefully try to make her point
without an argument. Lizzy was the fashion freak that could use her last penny to buy what was in vogue, as
long as it fits her perfectly. Paulina was the one with
the attributes of a mother. She babied and bullied
everyone into doing her will but she could never
really exert her controlling power on them; especially
not on Jessica. Jessica was the most stubborn. Once she made up her
mind, it .takes only God and divine intervention to
change it. The only way her three close friends ever
succeeded in manipulating her is if they joined forces.
Her stubborn nature was the reason why they still
have not picked a wedding dress for the wedding that would hold in two weeks’ time. But c’mon, how
could she put on a cloth worth 150,000 Naira? She
sighed. Lizzy was busy sampling other dresses while
the others continued to argue.
“What is wrong with the ones I selected?” Jessica
asked. “No… I surely would not best you if you wear any of
those” Sonia said with her eyes wide.
“Oh no! Your fashion sense is total ly out of league. I
am sure no one would have agreed to wear those
ridiculous dresses in the year 1789! Do you know the
dignitaries that would be present at the wedding? I would definitely not miss handshakes and
photographs with governors. My Twitter handle would
be buzzing with new followers” she squealed.
“You need to look presentable enough my dear, if
you are going to be marrying Andy Williams. He is
every woman’s dream”. Paulina’s eyes turned dreamy.
“Why don’t you marry him instead? I am so tired of
this” Jessica complained wearily.
“Oh really? I am so grateful honey” Paulina
squealed happily.
“I always knew you liked her more than me. Why did you not give him to me?” Sonia asked with sad,
accusing eyes.
Jessica hissed. “See the people I call my friends”
she shook her
“Hey lazy bones” Lizzy called, out of sight. “Get
your butts down head here. I got the hottest gown here and I am not taking ‘no’ for an answer”
The girls walked there even though Jessica was
reluctant, knowing that whatever caught Lizzy’s
fancy would not please her.
Paulina and Sonia gasped when they saw the gown.
“Yeah, I know” Lizzy said, staring at the gown in complete awe. “I
couldn’t believe it myself”
Jessica’s breath was blown away as she stared at
the gown. It was the most beautiful gown she had
ever set her eyes on. She hid her interest in it and
noticed what she had suspected. The gown needed no jacket, unlike most of the tubes she had seen. It was a
tube with a .transparent net finishing which gave it
small hands, although .sleeveless. The design of the
gown from the net beginning to the stylish finishing
was so breathtaking but the gown was too exposing
to Jessica. “I can’t” she finally said and they all turned
stunned eyes at her.
“OK, listen bride, you are going to wear this gown
whether you like it or not. What is wrong with it?”
Lizzy was clearly angry now.
“The net” Jessica said flatly. “What?” Sonia exclaimed.
“You can’t be serious” Paulina said.
Jessica caught sight of the price tag and her eyes
widened. “I t is also too d--n expensive”.
The three friends turned glaring eyes at her, folding
their slim arms across their chests and from the looks on their faces; Jessica Adams knew that she had been
boxed into a corner.
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