mother of the groom dresses for fall 2019

Transformation Tuesday....

Taking it back to JUNE 2009 where I spent 600 minutes of each day existing in a dark place in my mind and body.

Although I'm smiling on the right, that's because I was in wine ???? country for a friends wedding . I spent the money to go, I drank the wine and I forced a smile in numerous photos.


Prior to this trip I had nothing to wear. Not one appropriate outfit that was Napa/Sonoma attire for the Cali climate, and summers on the east coast consisted of me wearing t-shirts and XL soffee shorts .

This navy blue dress with pockets was from Bloomingdales- I think the brand was ABS or BCBG.... and my mom bought it for me Bc I think she honestly felt bad for me.

I've been sharing glimpses of my past for about two years now, and not always is it easy for me to open up some of these old feelings and pictures, but I do it because the highlight reel is what most people focus on or remember. So I choose to show the out takes, the stuff that had no filter, and no denying it happened. mother of the groom dresses for fall 2019

I want to share the good, the bad, the uncomfortable, the honest, the vulnerable, the REAL stuff about my life that has formed me into who I am and what I do with my purpose and mission in life.

I think this navy dress still hangs in the closet of my parents house, from when I moved back home and decided it was time to put my health, fitness and personal internal happiness as a priority...

I've come far from this depressed, borderline obese girl on the right and am proud of the woman I am today in my life, but it's not been the most direct route to happiness.

Today I'm offering a gift to help others skip the chapters of struggle, to have two support and tools necessary to put the past in the past for good.

That's what I did and I can never go back to that.

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