orange evening dresses

I need to feel like I am not losing my mind. From day 1 of my relationship I have told my now husband that I regreted never going to prom. We never had a wedding to where I could wear a formal dress . We had a gala this weekend and I was very excited and told him for the umpteenth time what I dreamed of having. A place where I could dress up and dance and feel special. I did not need to be the center of attention but I wanted to feel like a princess of sorts. When the day came ... I was not introduced to any of my husband's coworkers, many of them who stopped and talked to him while I sat in the background with them staring at me. He tried to leave before dancing and when I reiterated how this was part of my dream he complained. He complained the whole night about wanting to loose the tickets and not be there. I admit that I have anger problems and since I am working on it explained to him that I did not like that he did not introduce me and that fed into my already there insecurities. He then did it again and even made it to where a co worker had to confront me and ask me questions since he did not say anything. He feels as if he did nothing wrong because he doesn't care about these people but I feel like he doesn't care about me enough to simply introduce me or dance with me. I know it sounds petty but I have had talks with him about many other issues and it seems to roll off his orange evening dresses shoulder . Am I over reacting? Is it that my own insecurities are getting in the way?

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