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Losing weight gained me my life!

Growing up for me wasnt easy. For aslong as i can remember i have been overweight. My childhood was hard, my mum struggled with depression and as a result i turned to food as a comfort. I spent time in care and living with family, this led to binge eating becoming the only way, i ate to feel in control of something. By the time i reached secondary school i weighed around 14 stone and wore a size 14 trousers from a plus size clothing store. School life was difficult too, name calling and feeling left out. Not being able to wear fashionable clothes or join in with sports at school. My weight gain continued and my eating habits got worse. I would eat 5 or 6 bags of crisps between my meals, bingeing on chocolate too.
Leaving school age 16 i soon met Olly who is now my Husband. He saw me for me! not just someone overweight who had struggles with food. He laughed with me not at me and we very soon became an item. Things progressed quickly and happier than ever by the age of 19 we were planning our wedding and had just celebrated the birth of our 3rd beautiful boy.With pregnancies close together and the busy life we now had food now ran into convenience aswell as bingeing. Takeaway most nights when the boys were asleep was a regular thing now. Running around after 3 small children alongside the bad eating habits led to me now weighing 21 stone 7lb. This had taken a huge toll on my life now, I couldnt walk far, could never run. I couldnt play with the children at the park. I was always tired and my joints had started to hurt when bending down. I knew deep down that things neeeded to change but i just didnt put me first and continued as i was.A few months later we wed, september 2005 should of been a happy day for me to look back on but it isnt . Wearing my size 28 dress that i didnt like has meant looking at my wedding photos now is extremely difficult. The day itself was amazing though, beautiful words in our vows and surrounded by loved ones should have left me feeling happy but i felt disgusting. pregnant wedding dress
We moved to Hinckley in 2010 while i was pregnant with our 5th son.After having him it really hit home how much my weight was affecting my life. I was isolated, no friends, no energy. I spent my life watching my family live. I wasnt in many photos, our memories to look back on as a family and i was always the one taking them from the side.I decided that i had to change, my children deserved a happy, healthy mum. They deserved to grow up with knowledge around food in a positive way, not to be learning bad habits and to use food as an emotional crutch. Over the next year calorie counting became my life. I survived just about on 1200 calories a day, it was hard. I lost 3 stone but i barely had any energy. My weight had changed but my lifestyle hadnt and i realised that long term it was just as mentally damaging for me personally as it was to binge eat.
2011 came along and this is the year it just clicked. My 6th son Finley was born in october 2011 and i vowed to do something this time. Multiple pregnancies close together and having now 6 children under 6 had meant i was extremely busy and reaching for fast, convenient and unfortunately unhealthy foods for the whole family. Sitting at the computer in November i came across Slimming world. My first thoughts were wow! and secondly i was amazed at all of the family friendly and everyday meals infront of me on the 7 day taster menu. I was petrified of joining but i knew it was the best thing for my whole family and most impportantly for my physical and mental health, feeling down for my whole life over something that i had the power to change made me more determined than ever to step through the door to my first ever meeting. I fet sick and i was scared but within minutes i was welcomed in by the warmest, friendliest group of people. They made me feel at home and they understood me. The room had information and tips about the plan and image therapy is still all these years later my lifeline. Supporting my friends and recieving support from likeminded people gives me the enthusiasm to continue my journey.
Over the next 2 years i reached my personal target of 11 stone 7lb. I felt Incredible! I had eaten and still do eat wonderful hearty meals, our family favourite is chilli and rice. The kids love all of the meals and i love that i dont have to change the foods we like but just to change how i cook them. My top tip would be to plan a weeks meals at a time, try and plan your syns too if you have time.
I had 2 more children in 2014 and 2015 and continued with slimming world throughout both of my pregnancies. I enjoyed knowing i was eating healthy and in turn giving my baby the best nutrients i could. As a result i am still close to my target weight! Unlike previous times i have always gained a huge amount of weight.
My friends and family, even people online from slimming world pages are incredibly supportive. I am always asked for advice and tips on how to lose weight with having so many children and feel incredible when i hear back such positive things from them. It keeps me motivated by helping people and it makes me feel honoured that i have now discovered the oppurtunity to do the thing i love and become a slimming world consultant of my own. I am extremely excited to be able to help people achieve their dreams and to give them the chance to put themselves first again.
Slimming world didnt just give me a tool to lose weight, it gave me a life. I am in photographs with my family, I am running and playing at the park. I can shop for clothes that i want to wear not buying things just because they would fit. Slimming world has given me confidence, happiness and more importantly it has given me friendships with the kindest most understanding people i could meet. No one ever saw me as being overweight and that gave me the confidence i needed to become me again.
If I can do this then so can you! And I can promise you commitment 365 days of the year to help you achieve YOUR dream too