trumpet wedding dress

Quiet Time with the Holy Spirit November 06, 2017 "A Must Read Revelation" one of our members on this platform and a servant of God had a revelation last week Monday on the 30th of October, 2017 that she saw a woman heavily arraigned with all kinds of wordly adornment which the book of Revelation referred to as Mother of Harlots. She had all the make up on her face and all the jewelries, false hair and other things the Lord forbid us to wear. Close to her was another man, questioning the woman in pretence about her devilish dressing. Why they were interacting, this sister heard a voice that instructed her to watch closely what would happened next, all of a sudden, the two assumed humans turned into giant demons and were fighting, before this sister realized it, they joined together and blow up in the air, turning into demons upon demons like sand on the seashore. Each demon represent everything we wear and use. Some were turning into phones, pants(trousers) wig, weavons and all the worldly things men and women of the world crave after. Brethren, this sister said the entire scene was so fearful and disturbing that she regretted ever wearing pants and make'up in her life, she realized it was a deceptive method from the pit of hell to lure mostly women to hell fire because the picture was very horrific. Then she heard a voice that said to her, these are demons that satan has brought to the earth to deceive the world. When she asked the Lord what do we do? All she heard was one word. 'PRAYER' and the Lord directed her to the book of Revelation 13. Brethren, please read it and take heed because these are the last days. trumpet wedding dress
Let all the women reading this revelation drop all the satanic properties in their possession. Put away all your pants (trousers), stay far from wig/weavon, extension, all kinds of attachment make-up, lipsticks, jewelries, leg chains, wedding rings, nose rings, eye lashes, tattoo, sagging, dreadlocks. Serve God the way He created you. It's is better you obey and save your soul from eternal damnation of hell fire. Make haste and amend your ways before it's too late, not only ungodly dressing but you should also make your heart right before God because trumpet can sound anytime, any moment. Can you stand that terrible day? (Isaiah 33v14), (Rev.6v15-16). I pray that the Lord will give everyone of us the grace to understand His word and run with it in Jesus Name, God bless you all, as we encourage you to share this message. Amen!