two piece prom dresses 2019

My only recommendation is that you stay away from this place. My initial contact with this place was pleasant. My Maid of Honor and I went to view and try on dresses . Everything went smoothly. The staff were pleasant and helpful. Dresses were gorgeous and moderately priced. We placed the order for her dress right then, along with an order for a swatch of the color so that we could match the groomsmen’s outfits as well. The remainder of the girls got fitted and ordered t ... heir dresses in the next few weeks. All the dresses were ordered in March.

While the House of Brides does have a website, we were strongly encouraged to purchase in store as opposed to ordering from the website (which was significantly cheaper). We were told that the sizing could not be guaranteed if we ordered from the site. two piece prom dresses 2019

Dresses returned at the end of May. All 6 of my girls were all excited to pick them up. NONE of the dresses fit my girls at all. Each dress was extremely large. It looked like the girls were kids playing dress-up in their mom’s old clothes. I can only guess they do this so that you pay $125 to have them alter the dresses . That isn’t even the big issue. The dresses were nowhere near the quality of the dresses that were in store. The lace was cheap and frayed, and the shape of the dress is not even the same. These dresses don’t just need to be taken in. They need to be completely reconstructed.

My wedding is on July 2, and the dresses look nothing like I envisioned. I have no choice but to accept the horrible dresses , hope the girls can find good seamstresses to make the alterations, and move on. My biggest issue with this experience was the attitude of the associates when we spoke about the issues with the dresses . We were basically told good luck. There was no validation of our feelings. There was no empathy or remorse. To me, it felt like they were saying, “So long, Sucka!”

Oh, and I still haven’t received that color swatch!

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