v neck wedding dresses

While I had wished to be kryogenically frozen in this dress...I also wish it to bring someone else as much joy and success as it brought me. Sooooo....I'm selling my Mrs. Arkansas gown. It's a custom Jovani Gown with matching Earrings. I flew to Atlanta and worked with the designer to have it customized for me.

DESCRIPTION: Want all eyes on you? This dress commands the stage and takes up space, it's impossible not to be the center of attention. This dress is a straight replica of a vintage Dior!!!

Buffie's All The Rage in Little Rock (dresses Miss America) arranged for me to meet with the exclusive Jovani designer, Julie, to have it created. Brilliant colored stones drape the decollatage, cuffs, and waist. When I walked out on stage under the lights the entire crowd gasped! The plunging V-neck line is feminine, sexy yet conservative. The ease of wearing it is unmatched. You slip it on and it shapes you into perfection. The material underlights just glows satin black. Earrings are custom, handcrafted, and match the authoritive presence of the gown. v neck wedding dresses

I was a size 4 at the time and altered to fit me at 5'7" tall with a 5in heel. The material is so forgiving. The top stretches and the bottom flows. While everyone else was stuffing and tucking I was in my dress preparing for my onstage debut. Asking $3500.

***Would making a hauntingly beautiful wedding dress***