wedding wraps


final episode
Sakira’s POV
We were all surprised by the amazing wonders Dave had done.
The first surprise was from outside he had made a door. We opened it and the then the chairs in the living room had changed. They were looking more neat and well designed. I looked around and saw more doors, then windows and then more windows. No this was too much.
“What do you want my son” my father asked.
“I want to marry your daughter” he said.
He did all this just to marry me? This was more than the bride price alone.
Then it dawned on me and I remembered the statement I made before I left for London. I told myself, I will not only got to London but I will learn their ways and bring it back. That I will bring back their wisdom and technologies and use it here. And I did it. I brought all i said and everything was right here in person. Dave had the ways and the wisdom and he performed it here.
“Is that what you want” my father asked and he nodded. “Then so be it. You can have my daughter as your wife.” He smiled.
I was so happy that I hugged my father. This was the best thing in my life.
“I told you they’ll fall for me” Dave said.
It was evening and I was outside the house with Dave.
“You didn’t have to do all this” I said.
“Oh I’ve just begun. I’m still going to build a house.” He smiled.
“Thank you” I said.
“For what” he asked.
“For everything. You don’t know how much you have made my parents happy” I said.
“That’s what a responsible son in law should do” he smiled. “Come here”.
He wrapped me around his arm and I rested my head on his chest and we both stared at the stars.
Three weeks later.
Finally, the day I have long for has arrived. I am finally getting married to Dave.
My father invited a lot of people and my wedding was going to be a bliss.
The king of my village allowed us to use is compound for the ceremony.
The engagement was done and the ceremony took place. Talking drums gave the beats and Dave and I danced our hearts out. We were dressed in my traditional attire. I wore a white bube and a wine aso-oke and Dave wore a wine agbada with a wine sokoto and a wine fila. He looked almost like us but only different in skin colour. I felt fulfilled, unique and different because I was the first girl in my village to achieve something like this. wedding wraps
Even during the times of difficulties, when everything around me told me to give up, I refused and I continued my journey and now I have reached my final destination. And I know that from now on everything around me is going to be different, new styles, new language and there will be big changes for me, my family and my village.
The End.